Why You Still Can’t Get Any Sales, Customers, or Clients from Facebook For your Online Programs, Services, and High Ticket Group Masterminds? It is Really Not Your Fault.

Trust me, I was in your shoes before.  Frustrated, confused, trying everything from the ground to the moon.  When starting out, I’ve tried every split-test hairsplitting combo that has to do with targeting, ad copies or creatives, images, headlines, campaign objectives, etc.  And being a former biomedical research assistant, I split-test the hell out of everything through many trial & errors as that is what we do best.  Fun times indeed.  Brings back pleasant memories.  No, not really.  Started with zero customers or clients for months to now having a flood of clients rushing into the calendar to the point of having to turn off traffic.

Now I’m going to reveal most of what I’ve learned.

No more being victim to some random Facebook update, no more guessing, no more a gazillion split tests and losing sleep over what’s next.  No need to cross your fingers and praying for a Facebook miracle.

So why do most fail on Facebook or on social media platforms?

A lot of people have the tactics, but they don’t have the correct strategy.

You see here.  A lot of people are teaching how to get leads and people are trying to get leads.  But the results are very short term and unscalable.  They are not getting repeatable results.

You’re getting sky high cost per leads and CPC’s, dismal CTR’s, and ultra-low relevance scores no matter how many times you do your ninja split test combo on your ad images, copy, targeting, whatever.  And it’s getting even higher with more split tests that you do.

Even you are doing what you’ve been told to do.  You have this good looking ebook, exotic checklist, best cheat sheet in the world, or appealing webinar registration page and optimizing everything for conversions and with minimal results.  You are breaking the piggy bank and constantly throwing away what’s left of it to not be able to generate a single client or customer.  Your booking calendar or schedule is an empty ghost town.

It makes us look like rookies and you know you want to get those consistent, high ROI results repeatedly over and over again.

One needs to understand and operate within the Facebook environment or ecosystem from a holistic perspective.

So let’s pause a moment.  We need to engage Facebook as we are reaching out to real human people, not just a bunch of random numbers such as CTR’s, CPC’s, etc.

They treat Facebook advertising as running Google ads.

There is a big difference between using Facebook vs. Google to run ads.

With Facebook, people are just checking their friends’ updates and activities passively.  So these are cold audiences with no intent yet interested in your offer.  This is cold traffic and you must use Interruption marketing.

With Google, people are actively “searching” for a solution with intent actively.  Basically, they are further in the “buying process” and are much closer to the sale.  However, there is a limited number of people that are searching for that solution or specific keyword.  And SEO takes a long time with no guarantee in top rankings and sustainable results.  A Google algorithm change can destroy businesses overnight.

So you have to “GIVE” them something first and provide value on Facebook.  This could be in the form of value blog posts, tips and strategies, videos, etc. that will engage them and to lead them to the next step of interaction with you.  You are branding yourself and increasing the awareness of that brand to your audience.  The more you give and inspire the audience, the lower your cost per action or sales will be in the long run.  Lower lead costs everyone.  That’s what you want right?  By understanding this, any future Facebook algorithm change will become meaningless.

This is the very reason why most people can’t get any sales, customers, clients right off of Facebook immediately using a cold audience.  This applies to ecommerce (selling physical products), lead generation (ebooks, checklists, webinars, etc.), local businesses, and sales calls.

You cannot just throw your super split-tested, super best Facebook ad up and send a cold audience (people who don’t know who the heck you are) right away to an ebook landing page, webinar registration page, or sales page anymore.  This is the big mistake.  This is what like 95% of people do and fail in falling glory.  You could have the best offer in the universe, but if the people don’t know about you or your offer before, your super ultimate Facebook ad that you’ve created will fail.  People are more reluctant to hand out their email addresses now as compared to a few years ago.  Times are changing.

This is where Facebook is super powerful.  You can reach out specifically to those who have viewed or engaged with your post or video and send them another post/video.  Then those who were engaged or interested in that, you can send another post/video building up the engagement and interacting with those who want to follow you.

You are basically building up a hungry audience who wants to follow or devour everything you have to offer.  It can just start out simply with just $5-$10 a day.  Then when you throw up an ebook/checklist landing page or webinar registration page, you can see lower cost per leads.  Instead of getting $15-$20+ leads, you can see it dropping down to around $5 or less.  Not only that, you get a higher Relevance Score with higher Positive Feedback & lower Negative Feedback when you run that ad.  Raving fans = hungry buyers

So here folks, is how the Facebook ATM works.  Otherwise, you are just feeding Zuckerberg’s ATM instead.

I can see it now.  People are like banging their head against the table asking themselves how come they didn’t realize it before.  It couldn’t be that simple.

Trust me, it took me quite awhile to realize this and was banging against the wall wondering why Facebook couldn’t work for me or most people.  So where do you want to be now?

So you want to get more customers, clients, etc. for your online programs, high ticket programs, etc. using Facebook, stop throwing Facebook ads and see if anything sticks because likely it will just fall off the wall like a flat pancake.

You want to build an engaged audience of your raving fans that follow you to the ends of the Earth through muddy waters, up and downs, and embrace your victories in the world through any problems that you’ve overcome.  It took awhile to find out the best processes and mechanisms in Facebook to build up the best engaged audience that goes from cold (who the heck are you) to warm to hot (I definitely know and want a piece of you or your stuff).

Remember, there are about 2 billion users on Facebook that you can target based on interests and demographics such as age, gender, location, etc.  Keep in mind that there are many people out there who are waiting for you to show yourself and buy your solution to their specific problem in the marketplace.

Once the sales start coming in, you can start scaling it all the way.

So what’s the lesson here?

Stop running random Facebook ads and campaigns.  You will fail and fail hard.  Trust me, you don’t fail any harder than that.

You need to implement the Facebook audience engagement strategy before throwing a landing page up.  So engage or brand yourself, have the audience commit to your brand, and make the final close.

You need to monitor the audiences temperature.

Ice cold?  Cold?  Warm?  Super hot?

There are different ads that you run at those different temperatures.  An ad for a super hot audience would not at all work very well with ice cold or cold leads.

So you want to warm your audience quickly from ultra cold to hot.

So now you have an idea of what you need to do.

It’s the difference between making it rain or going down the drain.

It’s time to give and it’s now your time to make it rain.