So You are Not Good Enough at Marketing & Copywriting You Say to Make Your Online Coaching/Consulting Business Work? What Can You Do About This? The Solution is More Simpler Than You Think.

So what do you do if you think your marketing and copywriting isn’t up to par?  You know you have this powerful product or service to offer, serve, and transform the world.  But somehow your marketing may not be the best in your mind.  You are having second thoughts about this.  What happens if it doesn’t work?  You think you lack the skills, know how, to spread your message and brand.  So how can you overcome this?  How can you overcome most of the objections that the audience may have?

You are lacking the knowledge and skill to implement the various marketing components to craft that powerful video, ebook, webinar, email, Facebook or Instagram ad, etc.  What can you do about this?

You are thinking that you are not perfect, and how can you make this work perfectly?  Well don’t worry, I’m not even close to perfect myself.  Not even close at all.  I’m full of faults and good at making a lot of mistakes, but I try to learn from all of them to make it work.

You have to realize that you have this powerful weapon, this hidden arsenal that you can release to the masses.  You know what that is?  It is to share your life journey, your life mission, your purpose, and life story of overcoming the struggles and barriers to getting to where you are today.  With a strong story that reverberates with your crowd, the more powerful your brand becomes.  So it is time to create your branding story.  A story where you can bring the people along a journey with you through your years of ups and downs, and big victories.

I cannot emphasize this enough.  Use your story in all your marketing, your emails, videos, webinars, whatever.  Brand yourself to become the You Inc.  People want to work with a true, authentic you, and not some faceless corporate identity.  You, yourself is more than enough.  You are the one to make it happen. 

Become one, and be you.  Empower your audience and share your true passion and vision.

You are enough. Just don’t be someone else or try to be.

It is time to make your declaration and make an imprint on the surface of this planet to spread your message and story to the world.  What’s holding you back from getting what you truly deserve in this world in the very limited time that you have left?  It is time to go all in and go all out.

Let your story and message resonate and echo to your audience what were your pains, true desires, goals, and how you want to strongly impact and help others reach towards transforming their dreams into true reality.  This energy will vibrate and transcend throughout the marketplace and your audience can feel it and what they feel they were destined to do in this lifetime.

In your story, share your true calling, your darkest moment or crisis point, your journey and mission to find the cure, and your heaven, the breakthrough event of transformation.  By doing this, you show your vulnerability and humanity.  No one is perfect and people don’t follow perfect people as there is no such thing.

You are establishing your following by building up your credibility and showing that you are just like anyone else, but managed to overcome your obstacles to get to where you want to be right now.  This will be your life story, your freedom story.

Through your story, inspire others to live their best life right now as you only get one life.

Using your personal life story right away in your marketing helps to build a connection with your prospects.  Share your dilemma and how you overcame it to humanize or to personify your marketing.  This coming-of-age event is what will engage the audience and have them following every single of your word, every step that you take, to every breath that you make.

Make your journey dynamic and evolving.  How your pain and struggles caused you to evolve and transform into the greater you.  Others will start seeing themselves through you and see that they can make it work and solve their problems today.

A strong and carefully communicated story will help the audience come into realization of where they are now, and that they must take a stand for themselves to make the necessary sacrifices to take action and taking the next step into making their dream, the reality they want to be today for themselves, their closest family, and friends. 

The more they delay, the more they hold themselves back to getting what they truly desire and denying themselves and their closest loved ones from getting what they really want and to live life to the complete fullest.  Time is getting short, and shorter as the next day comes by.  Time will fly by ever so quickly.

Your success story allows your following to experience that desired outcome in advance.

When your story can trigger all kinds of feelings and emotions from your crowd, amazing things can happen.  People use emotion to buy and justify it with logic.  Remember, that your humanity and vulnerability are your true powers.

When you do all of this, your message becomes powerful and becomes alive.  You will start making large waves that starts to hit people in their core soul and they can feel it in their very heart.  It touches them in their deep inner core.  Once it does, you got them. 

There are life lessons that they want to hear from you to the point where they will want to buy it all from you.

So what’s stopping you right now?  Just go for it.  You’ll never know what would happen until you do it and go for it all the way.

I will share with you my story pretty soon later on so you can get to know a bit more about me.

So what do you know you were destined to do? 

Do you see the greatness within yourself growing like a light bulb getting brighter every minute?

No one is holding yourself back, but yourself.

Your story would start off at a low point, a dark moment of despair, lost hope, frustration, confused, and not sure what to do.

You know where you wanted to be and what that would really mean to yourself and your family if you can reach that ultimate goal.

Then you realize that you have had enough and have decided that it is time to move forward.  So instead of constantly banging your head against your desk, you are now kicking down the door and any obstacle that gets in your way.  You’ve set the stage and are now rising to the very occasion.  You’ve realized that no one will get you there, but yourself.

You are setting an example to the audience of what it takes to get there and that it is very possible with the due diligence and commitment that can happen when one makes it for themselves.

So when the audience gets to know you deeply, your flaws, your imperfections, your dreams and aspirations, they feel truly connected with you and will follow you wherever you go.  They become your raving tribal fan base that goes viral and keeps on growing.  They will follow you to the ends of the Earth.  Importantly, you are establishing the know, like, and trust factor.

With this established, it becomes easier to sell anything that you have to offer as the audience is closely listening and have connected to your powerful message, story, and desire to help others get to where they want to be today.

The story has to be deep, authentic, real, and vulnerable to make it work really well.  We all have our low points, and we even have our much lower deep points where we thought we could never get out from, then we have our small achievements, then finally, we have our true fulfillment that comes into reality.  So with a life story and life lessons to teach, the audience could visualize being in your shoes, feel the impact and message resonate with them and try to rise to the very occasion.

So remember that your time starts right now.

You have that story that can change lives and move people.

It is time for you to shine.

Inspire, motivate, encourage, and bring about massive transformation.

You are much closer than you realize in having a powerful story and message that establishes your true authority that keeps you in touch with your audience and have them listening to your every word.  Share that life changing breakthrough moment.

Remember that raving fans will become buyers.  As that base of raving fans grow, so would your revenue.  You know you have massive value to deliver and people are waiting to hear it from you.

So it is time to use your story and passion to reveal your thoughts and true emotions and have the audience truly feel your message.  That message is your marketing power that you can use throughout your marketing channel to build that powerful personal brand.  This will inspire them to say YES, YES to you, and YES to a better future.

So what are you waiting for?

It is time to say YES!