How Many Deadlines Do You Have in Your Business?  The Key to No Regrets

There’s people who take their time to do anything.  Then there’s people who plan to do something, but will never get to it.

There’s people who never set deadlines and think they will get to it one day, someday.  However, you are setting up yourself at a big disadvantage to those who actually set up deadlines for themselves.

Based on an Ivy League study conducted on the class of 1953, only a small percentage of its members set goals for the future.  It showed that about 3% were committed to setting those goals on paper.  Of those 3% who’ve set deadlines for themselves were the wealthiest among their peers, more so than the other 97% combined.

So basically, deadlines are powerful.  Those who are committed will get results.  So stop taking your time and start hustling.  The world waits for no one.  Time will fly by.  By then, you will realize you haven’t done anything at all, or you have made major steps and are much closer to your goal.

There is also this Boeing conducted study that showed the employees who retired at age 55 got to live to age 83 on average.  But those who retired later at age 65, died much earlier.  Basically, they lived an extra average of 18 months.  But those who retired earlier, got to live much longer.

At this rate, in this current economy, we could be looking at Freedom 85+.  Work till you no longer can and drop.

So do you want to keep stressing out and working non-stop to just spend another 1 or 2 years of life to enjoy it?  If you really know that your time will be up within a week or two, I would bet all of you would go live the life to the very fullest.  Why wait until retirement to enjoy life, when that could be anytime, anywhere, for as long as you want.

When you survey people on their dying bed.  Most of those people have regrets in their life.  Such as working too hard and not having the time to enjoy the finer pleasures in life such as spending more quality time with their friends and family, more traveling and accumulating different world experiences.  Don’t be that person who worked too hard at their stressful job and never got the most of their life.

So what are you waiting for?  Get your business going to reap the awards as early as you can.  Don’t be stuck in a stressful job until age 65 or 85.  You have one life, and you need to live it.  Time to make the most of it.

Go set out your deadlines, and be committed to taking a step forward to your future financial freedom and time freedom.  Do it not just for yourself, but for your love ones and for those close around you.

Make those deadlines happen.

Keep grinding and pushing it forward.