You vs. Me Marketing – The Big Mistake

In business, there are people who talk mostly about themselves and only themselves.

You can see it in their sales videos, articles, blogs, webinars, etc. that it is mostly focussed on their story, what they have done, and what they could do for themselves.

Rather, it should be the other way around where they would mainly focus on your problems and how to get out of your current situational dilemma.

Serve your audience and they can reciprocate back 10 fold.

You must focus on the customer and their very problem at each step of the funnel otherwise it will fail and crash hard.

It is all problem-based and customer oriented.

Realize and understand that problem and find the market who needs that problem solved.  Then make sure your messaging is focused around the problem and that you have the solution and the strategic implementation to solve it.  And then, let them know how they can connect and reach out to you for your offer of help.

Remember, it’s not about me, me, me.

So whenever you create your marketing and messaging, it should be about THEM, THEM, THEM.

People can care less about what school you went to, what degrees you got, what companies you worked for, but they care about what you can do for them and what kind of results and transformation you can deliver to change and improve their lives.

At the end of the day, think about what you can do for THEM and make sure you can connect with your audience and that your content and message resonate directly to THEM.

Increase your empathy and connection with your audience.  Find their problem and agitate it.  Let them know how this very problem is affecting their personal and family life.  The longer they leave it, the problem becomes worse, and that they need to find a solution for it right now rather than wait for when it can become too late to take action.

So imagine a random unknown person just came to you and described your pain down to the very exact T.  They can describe your problem better than what you could to anyone.  Then the person offers a solution that you can try to remedy it.  Wouldn’t you try it out and trust this advice?

What works best is to give out and deliver your best stuff that can benefit your audience.  Don’t be afraid to do.  It can go viral as people like to share and like stuff with others.  With your best stuff, people will always want help to implement the strategy and see transformation in the fastest way possible.

Remember, you are approaching this as a customer problem-first based situation then solution offering.