What is Your Time Really Worth?  Minimum Wage of $200/Hr. Anyone?

When I saw this article or joke comparing a Prison vs. The Job, I had a good smile.  It does make you come down to Earth.  Think about the very first job you had and how that was and what you got paid.  Then think of all the jobs you’ve had from then on.

When you got your first job, which could be a Starbucks, Walmart, or whatever, your time was worth about $11/hour.

Then you went to school to train to try and get a better job.  Your time was probably now around $25/hour that is if you went into an in demand profession such as nursing, a computer programmer at Microsoft or Google, or an engineer at Boeing, etc.

But with inflation, the power of the dollar is worth less everyday with everything becoming more expensive such as rent, housing, transportation, food, gas, electricity, etc.  As more dollars are printed out and no longer backed or gold-based since 1971, which is a whole another story or lesson, everything has been going up including precious metals such as gold.

Your salary does not even keep up with the inflation and the cost of everything else.  Times are just getting harder and harder.

The only way to overcome that in this current economic times is to make more and to create different recurring sources of income.  We are seeing an increased division or disparity between the upper and lower class with the middle class gradually or quickly disappearing.  So you want try to charge more for some of your offers, deliver more value and premium, and make more.

If you sell a 2K program, what do you think your worth per hour is?  So let’s be very conservative and you can sell one a week, which means four a month making it 8K.  Once the program is all set up, the maintenance and delivery of the program is probably 5 hours a week.  Let’s make that 10 hours instead.  So in one month, that is 40 hours.  So your hourly rate is $200/hour.  A whole whopping $200/hour.  Ain’t that transformational or what?

Let’s say you charge an even higher price, then the $200/hour rate is your new minimum wage.

So let that sink in.  No longer again will you settle for $11/hour or even $30/hour because you have just upped your standards.

A higher minimum wage means more opportunities will open for you and you can invest in having premium experiences in life, in business as your mindset will shift and you will surround yourself with better people.

So don’t say goodbye to the minimum wage, but raise it to where you want it to be.  Create your own new minimum wage today.  Don’t settle for less.

Now you know the potential is limitless.  Don’t just play safe and stick within your boundaries.  It is time to expand your reach and go beyond your limits.