How Pricing Can Transform Your Business to the Next Level – What Virgin Can Show You

So what do you think of Virgin and Richard Branson?  When you hop onto Virgin Airline and undergo the Virgin experience, you would see a premium experience.  You would always want this in your business.

Higher prices means higher quality, higher level of experience, which means better branding.  You are bringing an elevated form of premium experience.

However, when you are charging things for very low, you will have a much lower margin for testing error when buying paid traffic especially with Facebook.  If you have affiliates, doing joint ventures, or solo email ads, they can work pretty well.

So are you thinking of charging $47, $197, $497 prices?  Double each of those prices.  Don’t be surprised to see better results.  But you would always have to test this as it would also depend on your audience and the type of people who you are attracting.

Then double it again.

You’re like what?  Just try it.  Once you have your skills refined, just try it to see what happens.

Higher prices means better customers/clients and better results and outcomes as they are more likely to take action and get results.  They will have some more access to you compared to a low ticket, which would be no access.

I like go for 2K right off the bat.

You must charge a high price somewhere.  Earlier, the better.  It can make a difference between earning minimum wage and creating a great life experience.

If you keep charging low prices, you will find that with all the time spent, you could’ve just stayed at your day job or work in Starbucks instead.

With higher prices, you can buy more traffic, hire a team, and experience a better life and business lifestyle.  Also, the customers and clients will value that product or service more highly.  They perceive higher prices as something being associated as better and higher quality.

People love paying a premium as it relates to a better experience and you will have happier customers, meaning more social proof and testimonials.

It is like what you have when flying first class as compared to flying economy class.  First class will have the reclining comfy seats with better entertainment, quality food, and premium service compared to the experience of sitting in the very back.  There are a lot of people who will pay for a better experience, higher quality, and more comfort.

By charging more, you can start seeing better things.  So why settle for less when you can start settling for more.  Your customers will always want a premium experience for more, so just give it to them.

Remember, how you do something is how you do everything in life.  Who knows maybe one day you can buy your very own private British Virgin Island.